1st MAF Test – 12/10/2014

So below is my results from my first MAF Test, it was very surreal and humbling I had the basics down a warm up for 12-15 minutes and a 5 mile run (I chose 4 as my legs were a little sore from Friday’s Trail Run)

As typical with the MAF Test the miles get slower (not sure why mile 4 is faster than mile 3 I did stop a but and started again maybe I started to fast

The strange thing is I was averaging 124bpm my range based on the 180 formula should be 138-148 but I feel I would have struggled to go that fast it felt very slow for me but not boring (my audiobooks are a big help with boredom) I can see this becoming a good little project I’ve got 8 months until my Trail Half so got time to build a big aeriboc base and see my times come tumbling down

I’ll do a MAF test every 3-4 weeks will try to so the same distance but varying course will try to be flat as possible.


About me

Hi guys

My name is Sean I’m 27 from the UK I am a married father of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl). I started running in Sept 2012 using the C25K plan since then I’ve ran 2 10K races and a Tough Mudder and am currently training for a Trail Half in June 2015, I have a lot more goals and runs planned aiming towards Ultra distances and everything in between.
This site will be a collection of my training, nutrition, and general thoughts geared around my main love ” Running “